Because we love what we do...

Each one of our projects has its special look, vitality, emotional side and – it carries a sense of excitement and can be recognised by its style, creative vision, accessibility and functionality.

"Say it so they see it, see it so you can say it"

If they remember you, they won’t forget you.
We have both the temperament and talent to offer attractive, stylish and provocative graphic solutions that are innovative, artistic, functional and memorable.
Our projects have individuality – they bring a sense of excitement and are identified by their style, creative vision, accessible and functional content.
Corporate websites, online shops, personal sites, blog sites. Responsive design. Functional design.

Share with us
A good idea that is not shared is like love that is not shared - it never finds fulfillment and recognition.
Share with us your willingness and trust our experience and our ideas because we love what we do and make the best for you:
Unique websites and graphics solutions with a different style, look and functionality.
We build websites and provide administration and technical support, tools for SEO optimization, and training and assistance with Key Practices for SEO optimization.

Do you know how to stand out from your competitors in today’s dynamic market? We devote our efforts to make your website a powerful tool for your successful business.

You have the idea - we have the solution and more ideas to offer
We can turn your idea into a powerful tool for successful website and make you stand out from your competitors. We share the responsibility for every choice and decision you make.
You have no idea? We have more than just an idea.
You can rely on our professional advice and guidance to build your webpages and develop the right concept for more attractive, interesting and well positioned in the search engines content.

Do you want to enhance the loyalty and trust of your customers?
A modern and functional website is always appreciated and rewarded by the loyalty and trust of your customers. Let your customers see you as a company that responds quickly to the new challenges of the market and their needs!

Update your content
We want our customers to be independent from us and have complete freedom to update content. We want to give them the option to maintain, update and develop their website with new unlimited number of menus, pages, publicationsq news and media solutions. We work exclusively with our original system to update content whose success is based on our years of experience, interesting ideas and striving to satisfy even the most complex and unusual desires of our customers. For each individual project we build new additional modules for various specific sections and desires of our clients.
Reliable and simple to work with; functional, dynamic, highly flexible - our platform provides many creative options to display, publish and update your web content and improve the proper positioning of the your pages on Google and other search engines.

Additional specific modules with different functionality and level of depth and maximum function nesting level that we have built so far are:

Online stores with different parameters, modules and options for each client tailored to their products and services.
Rebate system, individual discounts, bonus systems, invoicing, sales reports, archiving.

Affiliate programs with different functionalities and capabilities in managing affiliates and consumer panel for each affiliate.

A system for creating promotional games by records of players and selections of the winners.

Module for calculating the cost of shipping based on different algorithms.

Delivery system, integration of delivery modules; create and print complex labels and generating files in delivery standards.

Payment system including a reversal of paid operations and re-execution of a transaction (Void, repeat) on the same order.

System communication through sms with registered users. SOAP WSDL communication for retrieving user data from the database with users on the site. Implementation of all types of online payments through Epay and Borika. New generation payment to BORIKA that works with PHP sockets and preset by the customer budget.

Local secured payment terminal with credit and debit cards.

Communication between offline and online systems. Integration of databases offline developed software systems, warehouse programs, reservation and other programs.

“What separates design from art is that design is meant to be... functional.”
~ Cameron Moll
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