Who Are WE?

Chris Design Art Ltd. is a new generation graphic design company and focuses on the greatest advantage for every company – its image.

We inspire
We embrace new ideas, constantly enhance our graphic skills and stay tuned for the new technology trends. Our concept is based on creativity, innovative solutions and development of high quality projects to meet your needs.
Many people come to us without having a clear idea how to present their business on the web site. We think how to make your website more effective and share with you our ideas for creative solutions, functionality, content and vision.

We create
Each of our products shows the style of the designer. Our products are not just visually attractive and easily accessible but also carry the individual spirit and USPs of our clients, the character of their brands and outline their featured products.
We have developed our content management system. We design dynamic corporate and individual web pages and web sites, redesign and functional design, online shops, billboards, catalogues, brochures, calendars, business cards, greeting cards, book covers and advertising materials.

We visualize your success
How to make your website stand out from the crowd? – We can make it happen.
We have a creative vision and we can build your online presence to catch the readers’ attention and increase your traffic. Make your web visitors scan, skim and jump on their decision.

We have an eye for detail
Benefit from our advice to stay on top of new technology and information trends.
We can address the biggest challenges and provide effective solutions for small, medium and large businesses and enterprises.

What are our services?

Web site design services
The time has come when the Internet is changing your business and you have to get people to remember you. If you have a new business, your new website will build a bridge to your target customers.
If your site has not been updated recently and is no longer provokes interest, take advantage of our ideas for a new vision and effective functionality to stand out from the competition and stay connected with your partners and customers. Upgrade your site and stay connected to your partners and clients.
We have developed our unique management system content (SMC) and are constantly working to create dynamic corporate and individual web pages, redesign and functional design for websites, online shops and personal blog sites.

Creative design for advertising materials
Our products and services are a guarantee for your strong market presence.
We are fully dedicated to our customers and our products and services are a guarantee for their strong market presence.

We specialize in developing attractive graphic design for advertising materials:
Advertising billboards;
Corporate identity;
Flyers and leaflets, sided flyers and bilateral flyers;
Professional design for billboard;
Cards, invitations and compliment cards;
Catalog design and Calendar Designs;

" The human heart feels things the eyes can not see, and knows what the mind cannot understand"
~ Robert Vallett
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